It is very easy to draft a basic will, but a lot trickier to ensure that the will is valid and meets the stringent formalities for execution, practically achieves what the testator had in mind and covers all necessary eventualities.

In our dealings with deceased estates we have encountered countless cases where the deceased’s “last will” was found to be invalid, outdated or gave rise to practical difficulties and even hardship for heirs due to cash shortages, ambiguous bequests and inadequate estate planning and provision being made to safeguard the inheritance of minor children.

We are passionate about ensuring that the wills, codicils and living wills we prepare are professionally drafted, comprehensible and tailor-made to suit each client’s unique requirements. We offer a free will storage facility to clients who appoint one of our qualified professionals as the executor of their estate and offer discounted rates to clients who have their existing wills updated by us from time to time.

We have particular expertise in assisting clients with complicated estates or extensive assets, trusts and interrelated business structures. We work closely with the client’s financial planner, accountant and tax advisor(s) to develop an integrated estate and wealth planning framework and to structure the client’s will so that it gives practical effect to the client’s wishes and caters for the anticipated tax and regulatory implications that could arise.

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