Many people do not appreciate the importance and far-reaching consequences of marriage contracts. We are passionate that the marriage contracts we prepare are professionally drafted, comprehensible and tailor-made to suit each client’s unique requirements.

We engage clients in an interactive face to face consultation for a thorough needs analysis and detailed explanation of the various options available. This tried and tested approach ensures that clients have full appreciation of the legal consequences of their contract and have peace of mind that their specific needs have been catered for. Even legally qualified people have adjusted their initial views and identified other options and issues to think about after one of our specialist consultations!

Our all inclusive marriage contract package offers excellent value for money, covers the entire process from start to finish and gives you a professionally drafted, tailor-made marriage contract prepared by a notary with extensive experience in this field and practical knowledge of tax and estate planning as well as the issues that can crop up during divorce or dissolution of the marriage by death.

Our marriage contract package is currently priced at R3,000.00 (excluding VAT and deeds office charges). If you are interested in one of our professional marriage contracts, please click here.