Franchising, as a method of doing business, has achieved tremendous worldwide growth in recent years. South Africa has enjoyed thriving franchise sector since the 1960’s, with over 80% of its franchise concepts home-grown. Africa as a whole has lagged behind in franchise development, so there is great potential for expansion on the continent.

Compared to other forms of carrying on business, franchising has many attractions.  For a franchisor, it allows the growth of its business system without the investment required for the whole of the infrastructure.  It also promotes incentive for the individual business operators to perform well.  For franchisees, franchising allows a measure of business independence but with a ready-made system and the benefits that can flow from the pooling of resources.

Franchising is a specialised field of law with elements of intellectual property, consumer protection and traditional contract law. At Nienaber Attorneys, we offer a comprehensive franchise starter pack for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level by franchising their concept.

For a fixed, once-off, fee we provide a comprehensive franchise agreement tailor-made to your unique business structure, in a standard form format with a separate schedule and standard terms and conditions so that the agreement can be used for signing up an unlimited number of new franchisees, a draft disclosure document containing all of the information required by the Consumer Protection Act as well as specialist legal advice and recommendations for the protection and commercialisation of the brand, leasing of premises and practical tips to avoid the myriad regulatory and practical legal pitfalls that typically lead to the failure of fledging franchise systems.

  • Legal Advice for Franchise Purchases

  • Franchisee Support and Advice

  • Comprehensive Franchise Structuring

  • Full Franchisor Legal Support

We understand that everyone is working within a budget, so we prefer to have an upfront conversation around fees at the outset. We are also happy to provide you with firm pricing estimates for any commercial property work.

If you’re looking for practical advice on your next franchise transaction then you’re in the right place!