Getting it right when it comes to your staff isn’t always simple. Even great employers get caught out by the complexities of employment law. We’re here to help.

If you’re an employer, you will know that creating a great place to work is like a puzzle with a thousand pieces. We can help make your particular puzzle a bit simpler by ensuring you have employment agreements and policies in place that are tailored to your business and the people who work in it. Most importantly, we speak your language, so will make sure it’s all easy for everyone to understand and not filled with complicated employment law jargon.

From ensuring compliance with minimum employment law requirements, to introducing a flexible working or health and wellbeing policy for your staff, we can help you make your workplace the kind of place where people want to be. We can also keep you up to date on any changes in the law that mean your agreements and policies may need updating.

No workplace is without its issues. From time to time, problems do arise. When they do, we can guide you through it with a pragmatic, solution-focused approach.

We also help employees with all stages of their employment journey, from reviewing offers of employment, to providing support through disciplinary or performance issues, redundancy processes or any other issues that may arise.

  • Contracts Set-up and Review

  • Company and Trust Registration

  • Company and Trust Amendments

  • Company and Trust Submissions

  • Commercial Disputes

We manage labour related disputes strategically from the outset bearing in mind the client’s requirements and a holistic approach to employee relations. We offer various cost structures and retainer plans for labour and employment law matters to ensure that our services are affordable to individuals and cost-effective for businesses. Our specialist labour and employment services include:

Disciplinary Enquiries: Chairing of disciplinary enquiries; drafting of charge sheets; representation for employees; initiation for employers, drafting of appeals for employees and appeal outcomes for employers

Drafting of agreements and policy documents: employment contracts; company policies; disciplinary codes and procedures; grievance procedures; employment equity plans; section 197 transfers; SHE plans and other health and safety compliance plans; legal opinions and dispute resolution proposals

Litigation and representation: Labour and Labour Appeal Court, CCMA and other accredited arbitration forums

Training and workshops: Basic Conditions of Employment Act refresher course; dealing with grievances; conducting Disciplinary Enquiries (how to initiate, how to chair and how to draft charges); conducting conciliations and arbitrations in the CCMA; as well as numerous other workshops on topics tailor-made to the client’s requirements.