Do you believe lawyers should prioritise your interests ahead of maximising their own fees? At Nienaber Attorneys, we try to avoid costly litigation wherever possible, because the time and expense required to bring a matter to court often far outweighs the benefits to you. Instead, mediation and alternative dispute resolution usually achieves an equitable resolution at a fraction of the expense, especially when it comes to commercial litigation.

However, there will be situations when going to court cannot be avoided – and we have helped many people who’ve been confronted with unavoidable litigation, as well as people who need to initiate action. Our extensive experience means we can guide you through any civil or commercial litigation, no matter how complex the case.

Where litigation is required, we litigate proactively, professionally and ethically so that matters are brought to court and adjudicated without any undue delays.

We have extensive experience in High Court litigation and are also able to assist clients in Magistrates’ Court matters, arbitration proceedings and matters in the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Our combined experience in litigation and dispute resolution covers numerous types of cases ranging from personal injury claims, divorces and other family law matters to complex commercial and contractual disputes across a broad spectrum of industries, including the franchising, insurance, property development, construction, engineering and FMCG sectors.

  • Ethical

  • Professional

  • Diligent

  • Efficient

Our extensive network of advocates, medico-legal, forensic and industrial experts means that we are able to put together the right team for every matter and that we can ensure that all the required factual and expert evidence is obtained to provide clients with the best prospects of success in litigious disputes.