Our offices are situated less than 10 km from the Pretoria High Court, with easy access to the Pretoria CBD via the R21 and Fountains Circle. We have a dedicated High Court messenger and administrative assistant to ensure that we are in a position to provide a fast and cost-effective service to colleagues who require correspondent assistance in matters falling within the jurisdiction of the Pretoria High Court.

Our professionals have rendered correspondent services to many firms over the years, ranging from large Sandton based corporate law firms to single practitioners and rural firms. We have acted as correspondents in a number of high-profile matters, complex actions and urgent applications and strive to remain up to date and well versed in the prevailing practices and directives applicable at the Pretoria High Court.

We also provide correspondent services for matters involving the Pretoria Master’s Office pertaining to deceased estates, insolvent estates and trusts.

From 1 January 2019 we also offer Pretoria Deeds Office correspondent services for lodgements, registration and execution.

We handle all of our correspondents’ matters with the same dedication and commitment to service excellence as we apply to our own clients’ cases and offer competitive rates to promote cost-efficiency.

Contact us for correspondent rates and pricing structures.